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Green Almonds

When I first saw these little downy pods in a box at Salam Market and Bakery (in Columbus Square) I had to ask what they were. They looked like over grown pussy willows. I was told that they were green almonds and that I was welcome to try one. In the spring, when they are green and fleshy and before the shell inside hardens you can eat the whole thing, downy casing and all.

I learned from some internet research that almonds are not really true nuts, but a drupe – a seed inside a shell and an outer casing. You can see the different layers in the cross section.

The green almonds are crisp and taste sour. In the Middle East, I was told, they are eaten with salt to balance out the sourness and they definitely taste less sour if you dip them in salt.

I’m interested to know if anyone has come across other uses for them apart from as a snack? Can you cook with them?



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You may have noticed that I haven’t posted about many restaurants on hungrywoolf recently. This is because almost all of my eating-out time has been directed towards our new project and we are finally ready to share it with the world!

The idea for alt.eats.columbus came about during the research for our taco truck project. We kept discovering interesting restaurants and food shops that we had never heard of, and finding cuisines represented that receive very little attention. We wanted to promote them in the same way that we did with the taco trucks, not for any financial gain, but purely to share our enthusiasm and our discoveries and to encourage people to try something off the beaten path, (not to mention eat some great food).

Columbus has such a wealth of fantastic ethnic restaurants. I have blogged about some of them before, but in the last few weeks we have been eating Persian, Senegalese, Somali and Vietnamese food and it has been a blast. Lots of new flavors, learning about different food cultures and having an adventure instead of just a meal.

As with tacotruckscolumbus we have a map to help you explore. We know that our list is far from complete and so we also welcome suggestions. Tell us about your favorite hole in the wall restaurant. You know, the one that only you seem to know about. You can also follow us (and give suggestions) on twitter @alteatscbus

Check it out and let me know what you think.


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