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Tomorrow is the Ohio Historical Society Food Truck-a-Palooza from 4-7PM!  Admission to the event is FREE, and admission to the Historical Center is FREE!  The event will take place on the plaza level, so stop by on your way home to pick up dinner or have your friends and family meet you here!  They have some great Columbus food trucks and carts lined up for the event, including:

3 Babes and a Baker (cupcakes)

Da Levee Cajun Cuisine

Foodie Cart (Japanese-style crepes)

Fusion Cafe

Junior’s Tacos

Leslie’s Creperie (European-style crepes)

Lucky Ladle (soups and savory pastries)

Mojo TaGo (California-style tacos)

Slabadabado BBQ

Veggielicious (vegetarian wraps and quesadillas)

Smaller versions of the customer favorites will be for sale, so people have a chance to sample food from several vendors.

Confirmed Vendors:

The Other Paper

Promo West Productions

What the Rock?!

Remember that the food trucks are CASH ONLY, so you’ll want to make an ATM stop.

Museum admission will be free during the event but regular rates will apply beforehand from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Diners will be able to enjoy a slide show of historic photographs of Columbus street scenes. Afterwards visitors can see the museum’s exhibits, including The Nature of Ohio and Ohio: Centuries of Change.

Facebook page for the event.

The hashtag for the event is #ohsfoodtruck

IMPORTANT DIRECTIONS: Due to an event at the Ohio Expo Center, 17th Avenue will be closed. We can be reached by taking Clara from 11th or by the 17th Avenue exit on I-71.

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Local Foods Week

local foods week

It’s really exciting how much buzz there is about local food in Columbus at the moment: farmer’s markets, Edible Columbus, new restaurants committed to local sourcing like Skillet and Knead, field to table dinners and the cow to cone marketing at Jeni’s. We are lucky to live in an agricultural state and have so much wonderful fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy.

This week is Local Foods Week, organized by Local Matters and there are more events than any one person could reasonably attend and a wealth of fun activities and dinners to choose from. Last year’s Local Foods Week was a lot of fun, and this year’s line up is bigger and better. Our special Columbus Food Adventures Local Foods Week tour pretty much sold out within 24 hours.

One of the focuses of this Local Foods Week is the Eat Local Challenge. There are a number of different ways that you can pledge to eat local, but I hope that everyone will try at least one Ohio grown food this week, whether it’s one of the many varieties of local apples or a scoop of Jeni’s pumpkin ice cream.

Last year’s theme was Localicious – this year’s is ‘OH so good’.  What local foods do you think are “OH so good’?  I’d love to hear about your favorite local foods, and also what events you take part in this week. I’m starting the week off with my third market to market ride tomorrow morning.

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Kings of Pastry

kings of pastry columbus

Kings of Pastry is showing until October 7th at the Gateway Film Center. I highly recommend seeing it while you can.

It is a quirky, touching, funny and overall captivating documentary about 16 chefs competing in the prestigious Meilleurs Ouvriers de France MOF) competition. This is the Olympics of French patisserie, a three day competition that takes place every 4 years and involves years of planning and months of practice and preparation. The documentary closely follows three of the competitors (one of whom is based in Chicago), giving insights into the grueling competition and it’s toll on the competitors. For the winners status, validation and jubilation and for the losers despondency and the question of whether to devote another 4 years of their life to a second attempt. At times the pressure of the event is hard to watch and you will develop a profound appreciation for the fragility of sugar.

pistacia vera

You don’t need to be an avid baker to enjoy this movie. It’s more about craftsmanship, the pursuit of excellence and intense competition. While the arena is pastry rather than athletics, the physical and emotional toll is the same.

Some additional pointers- This is not a movie to watch hungry. The Gateway Film Center has a cafe serving sandwiches and other food which you can take into the theater. They also have 20 beers on tap. Wexner members can watch the movie for $5.

Today’s matinee was accompanied by a reception hosted by Pistacia Vera and watching the documentary renewed my appreciation for the skill and precision that goes into each macaron or slice of gateau. Thanks to Pistacia Vera for such a wonderful spread.

pistacia vera

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Taste of Grandview

You may have noticed that there are a lot of ‘Taste of…’ events in September, including some pricy fundraiser events, like ‘Taste the Future’. Following close on their footsteps next weekend is the far more accessible Taste of Grandview Heights on Sunday October 3rd from 2-7pm at McKinley Park, 1661 Goodale Boulevard. Unlike the others, there is no three-figure entry fee – you simply purchase whichever dishes catch your fancy.

The Taste of Grandview Heights will showcase almost 20 restaurants and food vendors, with each offering appetizers, entrees or desserts (or any combination thereof). Many of the Grandview area restaurants will be represented including Third and Hollywood, Grandview Cafe, Mazah, Trattoria Roma, Noodles, Hoggies, Minuteman Pizza, Jeni’s and Stauf’s. Some restaurants from neighboring areas such as Cap City Diner and the Fish Market will also be in attendance. In other words, there will be just about something for everyone.

I was lucky to be included in a preview event last week (it was fun to be on a food tour organized by someone else!). We made a staggering nine stops and really experienced the wide range of restaurants in the area, and sampled some of the dishes that will be on offer at the Taste of Grandview event itself.

So, if the lure of finding all of that food in one place isn’t enough to lure you to McKinley Park on Sunday, here are some of the standout dishes that might tempt you:

The sampler plate from Mazah. I thought the tzatziki and tabbouleh were particularly good and the hummus was amazingly smooth. Their baklava sundae was also a crowd pleaser.

taste of grandview

The delicious signature cheese biscuit from Third & Hollwood filled with their pimento cheese spread, frisee and Tennessee ham. It is probably worth going to the event just to search out this rare treat (hint – it’s not on their regular menu).

The Grandview Cafe showed that you don’t have to head downtown to satisfy a hotdog craving – they use Nathan’s Famous Franks and get their New England style buns from the Orlando Baking Company in Cleveland. They used us as guinea pigs to test their new stadium dog topped with nacho cheese sauce, pickled jalapenos and crushed tortilla chips. It seemed to be a winner.

hot dog columbus

We also had some exceptional scones and pretzels at Stauf’s, some or all of which I expect to also see at the event.

You can get more details about the event on Facebook or Twitter. I hope to see you there.

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Rogue Bakery

cookies columbus

If you are an avid twitterer in Ohio you have probably come across @roguebakery. Rogue Bakery is not a conventional bakery with a store front and they don’t advertise. It is more of a secret cookie club spreading by word of mouth on social media, and knowing the secret is part of the fun.

Like Columbus Food Adventures,  Rogue Bakery is a business born from unemployment. Owner and baker Carl is an engineer by trade, who’s been baking cookies for friends and decided to start selling them. The cookies, baked in a church kitchen in Cleveland, are made with as many locally sourced ingredients as possible. Order your cookies by Friday night, pay online (via facebook) and if you are lucky enough to live in Columbus or Cleveland the cookies will magically be delivered to your door on Saturday. If you order 2 dozen you can also get a 1/2 gallon of Snowville milk delivered with your cookies. Mail order (without milk) is under beta testing.

cookies columbus

Cookies are $15 for a dozen and choices include an experimental dozen, 12 of a favorite flavor or a gluten free or vegan selection. Flavors include: Ancho peanut butter, I’m not a snickerdoodle, honey toasted cashew cranberry, chocolate liberator, milk chocolate chunk, shape shifters, oatmeal dark chocolate pecan cherry and experimental flavors that vary each week. I’m not a snickerdoodle is one of the most popular, but I’m all about the oatmeal and the honey toasted cashew.

columbus desserts

If you think that nothing could be better than having fresh baked homemade cookies delivered to your door, there’s more. While the cookies are good, I get as much enjoyment from reading the quirky labels. The cookie descriptions are not your average hyperbole. As you can tell from the photos, Carl has a sense of humor and labels may say anything from ‘we like rainbows and unicorns’ to ‘turkey on a cookie? yes or no?’ Carl claims that his cookies are made with ‘less than 15% love by volume.’ I would say that they’re made with more than 15% laughs.

rogue bakery

Carl’s quite obviously a twitter addict who likes to interact with his customers on a wide variety of cookie and non-cookie related topics. Are you awesome? Are you having relationship issues?

ohio valley wine tour

My favorite label is the custom one he designed for our Ohio River Valley wine tour picnic. Please wait until the tour bus stops before shoving cookies in your mouth. Thank you.

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