British Foods

Not all of these are strictly British, but they are foods that are either traditional, popular, adopted or adapted. Pavlova is either from New Zealand or Australia (there seems to be no consensus), but it is a popular dish in Britain. Baked beans are also popular in the United States but the British variety is very different and in Britain it is more common to eat them as a meal (e.g. beans on toast) rather than as an accompaniment to a meal. Some of the items listed are food products and others are dishes. This is obviously a work in progress and I hope to add explanations and links. Please feel free to make suggestions. 

Arctic Roll

Baked beans

Bakewell Tart

Bangers and Mash

Banoffee pie 

Bara Brith

Bath Bun

Battenburg Cake

Battered sausage

Bird’s custard

Biscuits (garibaldi, hob nobs, digestives, jammie dodgers, custard creams)

Black Pudding

Branston Pickle

Bread and Butter pudding

Bread Sauce

Bubble and squeak

Chelsea Bun

Chicken tikka masala

Chip Butty


Christmas Pudding

Cornish Pasty

Coronation Chicken

Cottage Pie

Cream tea

Crisps (wotsits, monster munch, KP skips, quavers, frazzles)

Crumble (apple, rhubarb)


Cucumber sandwiches

Custard Tart

Eccles Cakes

Ecclefechan Tarts (Scottish: a cross between a mince pie and a treacle tart)

Eton Mess

Eve’s pudding


Fish fingers

Fried Bread

Fruit Malt Loaf

Full English Breakfast

Gentlemen’s relish

Greasy spoon



Heinz baked beans

Hot cross bun

Iced Bun

Jaffa Cakes

Jam roly poly


Kendal Mint Cake

Lancashire hot pot

Lardy cake

Laver bread

Lemon curd



Mince Pies

Mint sauce

Mixed Spice

Mushy peas



Pease pudding


Ploughman’s Lunch

Pork Pie

Rock cakes

Salad Cream

Sarni/ Stottie

Sausage rolls

Scotch eggs

Shepherd’s pie

Simnel Cake

Spag bol 

Spotted dick


Steak and Kidney pie

Sticky toffee pudding

Summer Pudding

Sussex pond pudding

Sweets (polos, rhubarb and custard, barley sugars, fox’s glacier mints, wine gums)


Tea cake 

Toad in the Hole

Treacle tart




Welsh rarebit

Yorkshire Pudding

6 responses to “British Foods

  1. memories lol! I love twiglets, and of course marmite.

    Didn’t see marmite on your list, spread it on toast, muffins or crumpets, use it for gravy, or a hot drink.
    Okay technically it isn’t a stand alone food, but it is a very important spread and the way I use it the crumpet is secondary lol!

    • hungrywoolf

      I did have marmite and twiglets listed on there – I have written about marmite a lot as I am a complete marmite addict! Let me know if there are any other British foods I have missed. When I have time I hope to add explanations and some photos.

  2. Bambo

    Seems like you missed scones, meat pies and Rice pudding

  3. andrea

    Does anyone know where to get English breakfast sausages to make at home?? I miss them soo much!

    • hungrywoolf

      I don’t think that there is anywhere to get English sausages but English sausages vary a lot and many of the brats are quite similar. I like the brats from Blues Creek and I love their autumn sausage mix.

  4. modn1

    you can buy english sausages online at myers and keswick in ny:

    the sausages are delicious.

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