Best of….

Proud to call Columbus home

This is a personal selection of some of my favorite places to eat, drink and shop. You can also hear about some of my favorite places in the Foodcast 48 hours in Columbus.  Please feel free to add your own favorite food places in the comments.

Best Sandwiches: Pot Roast on Pretzel Roll at Tip Top, White Anchovy at Cafe Corner, Banh Mi at Mi Li Cafe, Gruyere & Ham at Rossi, Whatever’s in season at Skillet

Best Brunch: Skillet, Sage (sweet potato/chorizo hash) or Starliner (take your pick!)

Best Early Bird Special: Alana’s

Best Cookies: Pistacia Vera and Patty Cake Vegan Bakery

Best Burgers: Northstar Veggie Burger, Skillet (hard to beat having a fried egg on top).

Best Happy Hours for Foodies: Deepwood,  Lindey’s, Worthington Inn and Rigsby’s.

Best Pizza: Bono TOGO, Yellow Brick Road or  ask these guys

Best Bar: Surly Girl

Best Coffee: Cafe Brioso, Luck Brothers, Yeah me Too

Best Place for British Chocolate: World Market

Best Sushi: Akai Hana, Sushi Bistro Masa & Kikyo

Best Ice Cream: Jeni’s

Best Food & Drink Related Events: Burns Night at Barley’s SmokehouseSlow Food

Best Cheesemonger: Katzingers

Best lunch at the North Market: Kitchen Little OH

Best Japanese : Kihachi

Best Thai: Bangkok (Refugee Road)

Best Vietnamese: Mi Li Cafe Huong

Best Korean: Arirang (Bethel Road)

Best Use of Local Ingredients: Alana’s

Best Taco Trucks: Los Potosinos & Los Guachos

Best Patios: Basi & Barcelona

Best Interior: Nida’s Thai on High

Best Lunch Deal: Rigsby’s Blue Plate Special

Best Places to Buy Meat: Thurns/Blues Creek

Best Bread: Eleni Christina (available at Tasi) or for pita bread Salam bakery

Best Independent Grocer: Hills Market

Best Restaurant: Alana’sKihachi

4 responses to “Best of….

  1. Morgen Kuberek

    You’ve got to try Sapporo Sushi Factory in Westerville, State Street near Maxtown Road. The owners, Karen and Horo, used to own Sapporo Wind on Cleveland Avenue, and reopened a few years ago. They have years of experience (Horo was the chef at Otani when it first opened), and an extensive menu. They also have an unlisted “Japanese menu” for diehard clients. You won’t be disappointed.

  2. Susan W.

    Why not put a link to Nida’s so that people can see a bit of the ‘interior’? (and perhaps a beautiful cocktail or two).

  3. Evan

    Have you tried Blackcreek Bistro? I’ve been fairly pleased with their fare every time I’ve been (I actually prefer it to Deepwood, although I’ve only hit Deepwood once).

    By the way, the good folks at Bluescreek pointed me to your blog when I asked about acquiring some pig’s blood (Mr Henderson’s blood cake has been calling my name lately). They were really impressed by what you whipped up with that head.

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