Green Almonds

When I first saw these little downy pods in a box at Salam Market and Bakery (in Columbus Square) I had to ask what they were. They looked like over grown pussy willows. I was told that they were green almonds and that I was welcome to try one. In the spring, when they are green and fleshy and before the shell inside hardens you can eat the whole thing, downy casing and all.

I learned from some internet research that almonds are not really true nuts, but a drupe – a seed inside a shell and an outer casing. You can see the different layers in the cross section.

The green almonds are crisp and taste sour. In the Middle East, I was told, they are eaten with salt to balance out the sourness and they definitely taste less sour if you dip them in salt.

I’m interested to know if anyone has come across other uses for them apart from as a snack? Can you cook with them?


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4 responses to “Green Almonds

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  2. Amanda

    Carol Blymire cooked a recipe from Alinea that used Green almonds. a bit complicated, but looked delicious. :)

    • hungrywoolf

      I’m not sure about the jello – but I like the idea of using them for pesto. I wish I had thought of that before I made ramp pesto last night!

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