Fish tacos and other highlights

The food highlight of the week was probably fish tacos – partly because it’s a nice treat to come home and find someone cooking you dinner, but also because they lived up to their ‘yummy’ description.  Trust me, I am becoming something of a taco aficionado. We used tilapia instead of the suggested halibut and added a little improvised marinade. The guacamole was really really good and a lot of the cabbage slaw disappeared before it even made it into the tacos. 



Some of my other highlights this week – more empanadas from On the Fly, this one with potato, zucchini and chili.


Another visit to Dosa Corner this time for a delicious rava onion mysore masala dosa and my first visit to the nearby Crescent bakery. 

Also memorably delicious was Dolsot Bibim Bahp from Diaspora served in a heated stone skillet with innumerable cups of barley tea and all of the delicious side dishes.





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7 responses to “Fish tacos and other highlights

  1. Depiendo Schmidt

    The fish tacos look delicious – I only wish I could come home to find those waiting for me!

    Are you near the Peach District? When the peaches that grow there are in season, I’d like to see you make something wonderful with them!

  2. Fish taco/slaw recipe please! Also, I keep meaning to get over to Diaspora– will you come with me and tell me what to order?

  3. Apparently I have link blindness. NM about the recipe, still want to go to Diaspora though– as long as you don’t make me eat the pupa.

  4. Maria Toll

    Sweet Mother Mary! What is it with all you people and your damn peaches?

  5. michaelcoyote

    So what did you get at Crescent bakery?

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