Highlights of the week


Devilled eggs with white truffle oil at Rigsby's

I had a busy week and didn’t have any time to blog. As I think back over the week, it amazes me how many delicious things I ate. Obviously, eating was one of the things that kept me busy! Here are some of the highlights: 

  • Discovering the blue plate lunch special and cichetti menu (Venetian style small plates) at Rigsby’s Kitchen. You can get a delicious lunch with attentive service for $10. Choose between 1/2 a pasta dish or  sandwich with either soup or salad. You also get to enjoy Eleni Christina bread while you wait – much better than standing in line. 
  • Pistacia Vera Amaretti cookies. Crunchy, chewy and intensely almondy. 
  • Personalized Whisky flights at Wing’s in Bexley. Tell Ken what you like and he will give you 3 variations on a theme. My favorite new discovery was Laphroig 15. 
  • A perfect soft boiled egg from 2 silos, with marmite soldiers. Yes- I have finally mastered boiling an egg – just the way I like it. 
  • Montgomery Chedddar, from Katzinger’s Deli. Perfect in both taste and texture – it has a dry crumbly texture that packaged cheddars just don’t have. Especially good with Kashi stone-ground 7 grain crackers. 
  • Spanish chorizo chili at Details, with plantain chips and avocado butter and only $4.50. 
  • A sample of smoked maple syrup from Chef Drew at Details. I could drink it by the glass and can’t imagine anything better than french toast, with bacon and smoked maple syrup. 
  • Watching Roland eat Details house-made smoked tomato ketchup with a spoon (Did I mention the steak fries?). 
  • A delicious croque-monsieur croissant from the Petite Boulangerie (from the Clintonville Winter Market) made with Blues Creek Ham, Gruyere and maple sugar. It was fun to try a new market and support some local farmers and artisans at this time of year. I bought some Osage Lane Creamery goat Feta, which I had tried at the Flying J dinner, bread from the Petite Boulangerie and apple cider from Ochs fruit farm. 
  • Al Pastor, chorizo and shrimp tacos at Cuco’s on Henderson Road.
  • Jeni’s creamy Cognac ice cream… and more of the smoked chocolate with marshmallows. 


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4 responses to “Highlights of the week

  1. hungrywoolf

    I realized that I omitted some thank you’s. I have some wonderful friends, accomplices and dining companions. Thank you.

  2. Those devilled eggs look good!

  3. favorfan

    How many maple syrups ‘brands’ come as ‘smoked’?

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