Cauliflower Hummus


I got the idea for cauliflower hummus from Veganomicon. I made it over the summer following their recipe (which also includes parsley and scallions) but I thought it would be better with less cauliflower – they use about 2 pounds. I think the revised version worked really well and none of my guinea pigs guessed what the secret ingredient was. The advantage of the cauliflower is that it makes the hummus less dense both in texture and calories. Making hummus is really easy and I generally have all the ingredients on hand, a jar of tahini is the biggest expense but lasts for ages. I play around with the quantities and you can adjust the seasonings to your personal preference – mine tends to be quite garlicky.  

1 can chickpeas, rinsed and drained
juice half a lemon (and a little zest if you can be bothered)
1-2 cups cooked cauliflower florets
1-2 cloves garlic 
pinch or two of ground cumin and/or cayenne pepper
salt to taste
1 tbsp tahini 
2 tbsp olive oil 

Put the cauliflower and garlic in the food processor or blender and whiz until smooth. Add the rest of the ingredients, mix until you have your desired texture. Chill and serve with crudities, chips or use in sandwiches.



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4 responses to “Cauliflower Hummus

  1. limeandlemon

    interesting recipe … looks tasty … Laila ..

  2. Depiendo Schmidt


  3. Chris

    I like the cauliflower idea, but 1 tablespoon of tahini? Can you even taste it?

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