Bizarre food news

Too funny a food link not to share – Sausage Attack

Topical as I had smoked sausages for dinner chez Margaux and Tim.

Other bizarre food related news: Court rules that Thai prime minister must resign over cooking show. 

“Thai politics veers weirdly from comedy towards tragedy and then back again. Samak Sundaravej will surely go down as the only prime minister anywhere who has lost office for culinary reasons.” 

I like these quote from the Guardian from February “The Americans kicked all this off with President Ronald Reagan, then came the Governator and now another country is in on the act. Thailand has just elected ‘sleb TV chef and right-wing leader of the People’s Power Party, Samak Sundaravej, as the country’s new Prime Minister.” “It’s the rough equivalent of voting Jamie Oliver into Downing Street. When the dust settled this week on months of political shenanigans in Thailand, the upshot was that a sometime TV chef was left in charge.” They have had a lot of coverage of the story. 

Here are some of his recipes Including pigs’ legs in Coca Cola (incase you happen to have 5 pigs legs you didn’t know what to do with!) Surely four legs would make more sense?


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