Rowing and cooking Olympic style


Brian Volpenhein at Ohio State Fall 2007

Brian Volpenhein at Ohio State Fall 2007

It isn’t too often that there is a good rowing and cooking connection, but US Olympic rower Brian Volphenhein, (coincidentally an Ohio State graduate) took time off after the Athens Olympics to train as a chef. He returned to rowing and won a bronze medal in Beijing. He has monthly recipes on USRowing and after racing was over in Beijing he cooked on Today on NBC. The recipe for stir fried spicy beef with basil and summer vegetables looks good although the video is painful to watch. Brian came off very well, relaxed, professional and articulate but the presenter’s poorly delivered and cheesy autocuing ‘slicing and dicing with us’ and even worse ad-libbing, replying to Volp’s ‘it might be a little hot’ with ‘that’s fitting because you are’ was nauseating. Unfortunately they can out of time so the actual cooking part is a bit frantic.

I had to look up one of the cooking terms – ‘velveting’ and this is the best feature I could find on it:

I definitely want to try his Quinoa bars.


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